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Hi All!!!

Need Help !!!!

I am using ExMapi,Vc++,Outlook 2000/02/03

I have a .pst file(e.g A.pst) which has 2 folders in it

I have 2 processes running, which have to do the following:

1. Process1 has to copy one of the above folders in a brand new .pst
file.(e.g B.pst),using MAPI, besides other stuff.
This I achieve by:
a. MAPIInitialize
b. creating a temporary profile.(IProfAdmin::CreateProfile)
c. Login to the temp profile
d. adding the A.pst and B.pst to the temp profile.
e. using mapi funcitons to copy folder from A.pst to B.pst
f. Logoff from temp profile.
g. deleting the profile(IProfAdmin::DeleteProfile)
h. MAPIUnitialize

This Process1 successfully creates the B.pst file and continues to do
other stuff.

2. The other Process2 has to create a copy of B.pst while the first
process is
still running, using file I/O.

This is where I face the problem.
The moment Process2 tries to open B.pst ,it throws an Exception.
The error is due to Sharing Violation.

It means my Process1 still "holds" the B.pst even after I have deleted
profile.It isnt using the B.pst anywhere else either.

I even tried the following :
After Process1 has successfully created B.pst,
I tried doing a COPY -PASTE of the same file through
Windows also gives me "Error..some other process has
a part of the file" :-(

Even after deleting the temp profile ,it doesnt allow me to access the

What to do in this case ?????


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