File Server Consolidation - Potential Issues / White Paper

File Server Consolidation - Potential Issues / White Paper

Post by Sudhir Nai » Thu, 04 Sep 2003 06:42:54


We're in the process of consolidation 2 Windows 2000
Servers into one server. Merging is important because
users have moved into the same building, earlier in
different cities.

I wanted to know whether someone can throw light on any
potential issues on migration of -
(a) Files
(b) Shares
(c) Printers
(d) Machine Local Groups
(e) Permissions

How do we preserve system security?
Is there a mechanism to automatically installs printer
device drivers on the target server?
Any easy mechanism to migrate printers?

If anyone in the team has done a similar activity and
helped in creating a white paper, please forward the
same. Thanks.


Sudhir Nair

1. SN#20927 Booting Over InfiniBand for Consolidation Savings (33-Page White Paper)

2. Exchange Server 5.5 SMTP Issue - White Paper Available


For those interested, you may want to read the White Paper
we recently released about the Microsoft Exchange Server
SMTP problem:

Thanks to Michael Barta at Microsoft for his help.

If you think there's anything in the paper that could be
improved or made clearer, please feel free to let us know.

I'm interested to know how many people this problem is
affecting... There seem to be a ton of threads on this
newsgroup about it.


Aaron Greenspan
President & CEO
Think Computer Corporation

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