Install/Boot XP on/from share

Install/Boot XP on/from share

Post by Benny Good » Sat, 17 Mar 2007 17:56:50

Hi all,

I'm researching how to install/boot xp completely on/from share (no
kidding), assuming one has a gigabit LAN or when xp is within a virtual
machine. That is: the whole xp boot-up/install will be diskless, by tftp,
Wake on Lan etc. I know it was possible with W95/98. Anyone any idea
what/how/where or what difficulties I might encounter and how to deal with
them? I guess that XP file systems journalling doesn't happen on shares ?
Some related questions:
-how many connections can a share have?
-What about the intermitting logon/logoff processes that one often sees in
event viewer?
-what about the performances?

Don't ask me why I want this. I just have my reasons to do so :-)

Thanks very much in advance