how to get my computer to shut off with shut down

how to get my computer to shut off with shut down

Post by Michae » Fri, 23 Apr 2004 19:00:02

I am currently running windows 2000 (hence the reason i am
posting this here) and i am using an ATX type powersuply.
I know that it is possible to turn off the computer just by
shutting it down but i am not sure how to tell the computer
to execute that task. Currently every time I Shut down my
computer it goes to the all famous "It is now safe to turn
off your computer." screen, instead of just turning itself
off. All i need to know is how do you make it turn off
automatically after i shut it down. I know this sounds lazy
but hey computer nerds are supposed to be lazy... hey what
do we got computers for anyway.

P.S. I would greatly appreciate it if whoever responds to
this please email me. My email addy is XXXX@XXXXX.COM

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Not long ago I installed Windows XP Pro onto a RAID 0 over three HDD's.

When I choose to shutdown the computer, the computer goes through all its
stages like it normally would, saving settings etc.. etc..

The monitor will then turn off (well have no infomation being fed to it)
like normal, as if the computer was in fact off.

Now windows seems to not be running anymore as its been shut down. Yet
somehow the computer remains on, fans spinning, lights on etc.. I then have
to turn this off with the power button to acturally turn the computer off.

So why does the computer shut down windows yet stay on.

It stops the graphics card sending data to the monitor, so it is like the
computer is infact off.

It seems that the off command isn't quite being sent to the computer.

Any Ideas? I was hoping to try a load before I reinstalled windows again,
and in fact, would this issue end when I reinstalled windows or would I be in
the same place again, just with no programs?

Thanks for the help. D

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