Station Locked Screen Saver ?

Station Locked Screen Saver ?

Post by Retro Bo » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 00:22:52

Win2K Pro

When I do a "lock workstation" (ctrl-alt-del -> Lock) I get the
usual screen... but the screensaver never appears. I do get a
save when the system is waiting for initial logon (windows default).

How can I get the SS to come on when locked ?


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I was given a PC with a screen save that I do not like and I don't
have the permission to change it.

I wonder if there are any screen savers software that can override the
one ins display properties screen saver ? I thinking I can run the
software in the background and it constantly reset the timer for the
screen saver in the display properties so that it won't come on but
itself has a timer which will lock and display photos that I want.

Is there anything like that availabe ?


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