Warecase Announces the Release of the eXtended Task Monitor (XTM)

Warecase Announces the Release of the eXtended Task Monitor (XTM)

Post by suppor » Fri, 20 Feb 2004 22:57:56

I have a special pleasure to inform you that Warecase Software Group
announces the release of the first version of the eXtended Task
Monitor (XTM).

XTM is a powerful auxiliary tool designed for simplifying the
environment of the software developer. XTM is an extended task
monitoring and troubleshooting tool for Microsoft Windows 2000 OS and
later versions of Windows. XTM can give fast solutions for sudden
problems which may arise in a product's functioning without having to
either reinstall it from the user workstation or even without needing
to close the application.

Download XTM Free Trial from http://www.yqcomputer.com/

Warecase Support Team

1. Warecase Announces the Release of the eXtended Task Monitor (XTM)

2. How do I start communication with inficon XTM/2 deposition monitor?

I'm trying to get started with data logging for an Inficon XTM/2 deposition monitor.  I'm in the first stages of learning how to do anything with Labview, so all I wanted to do was send a message to the monitor and receive a response.  The XTM/2 manual says that I should send a message which is:
message_string ACK  
I should then receive:
message_string ACK  or error_code NAK
What I have is the above send message sent  as a string into the write buffer of a VISA Write Icon.  The VISA Write Icon also has a VISA Resource Name Constant attached to the Visa Resource Name of the VISA Write Icon, and I have COM 1 selected since I am trying to connect to the XTM/2 via the com1 port and an RS232 cable. The VISA Write Icon is connected to a  VISA Read Icon, which is also connected to the Visa Resource Name via the Dup VISA Resource Name wire from the VISA Write Icon.  I also connected the error out from the VISA Write to the error in of the VISA Read.  I have a numeric value of zero connected to the byte count of the VISA Read, and the read buffer from the VISA Read is connected to a string indicator.  When I run the program I get a flashing light on the front of the XTM/2 that says "RECEIVE," but I don't get anything sent to the string indicator on the Labview Screen.  Any ideas of what I did wrong?
Thanks for the help!

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