Wierd Start Menu Issue - A Clue, perhaps??

Wierd Start Menu Issue - A Clue, perhaps??

Post by David Wool » Wed, 24 Sep 2003 04:48:02

Okay - I changed the
Folders\ Start Menu

Before I changed it, the value data read:

C:\Documents and Settings\family\Templates\Start Menu

I changed it to read:

C:\Documents and Settings\david\Start Menu

(Yes, to answer your question, I do have a \Start Menu folder under \david.)

HOWEVER!: When I restart the computer and go back in to regedit to
check, it now reads:

C:\Documents and Settings\david

I've done this several times now. So it seems like it is not finding
the \Start Menu folder that it should be finding. But it is certainly
there in Explorer. BTW, the system won't let me delete the \Start Menu
folder and copy another one to \david.

One other thing, in the gee-isn't-this-interesting department:

There is no \Start Menu folder in C:\Documents and settings\family
folder ("family" is another user, which - so far- does not have a problem.

Thanks to you and Tom for your suggestions thus far.


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