Keyboard/Mouse not working except in CMOS

Keyboard/Mouse not working except in CMOS

Post by Therrie » Wed, 05 Nov 2003 07:23:15

I do not know if my son has done something or what has
happened but I cannot use the keyboard or mouse
properly. They were working fine and no one admits to
changing anything with the computer.

They are both PS2 connectors. If in CMOS setup, the
keyboard works fine. As soon as windows starts, even in
safe mode, it stops working. NumLock light is on but
will not toggle.

If I plug in a USB keyboard I get exactly the same

The PS2 mouse will not work at all.

If I plug in a USB mouse it works fine although I cannot
log into windows without a keyboard so doesn't help much.


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My Multimedia mouse just quit working while the keyboard is still
operating fine. This is an Optical Intellimouse. The light is still on
but it dims after a few seconds from a button click or depressing the
reset button on the bottom of the mouse. Depressing the Receiver reset
button does not return the mouse to a working state. The batteries are
new and don't seem to affect the operation of the mouse. I have Windows
XP Pro and the keyboard and Mouse is about a year and a half old. The
newer keyboards out have a five-button mouse where my is only a
three-button. When I hold the mouse upside down the light blinks on and
off from bright to dim. I am now using an older five-button mouse that
is corded and has a ball, which is very irritating. I hate the cord
(ugh). If someone out there has any ideas about what is happening with
my mouse, please lend some assistance. I have been told that if I were
to buy a new wirless mouse that it would not operate with this set due
to each set operating on a unique frequency for each set. Hmmmm, I
wonder about the accuracy of that statement.
Thanks in advance.....Bill Bee


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