DHCP assigning MTU size to a client

DHCP assigning MTU size to a client

Post by Jame » Sat, 08 Nov 2003 18:54:23

HI Guys

Wonder if someone can assist, I'm using a Win2k server as
a DHCP server, when clients connect to the box I want the
server to negotiate a max MTU size, so rather then the
default size being 1500 I want it down near 1300

There is a bolt-on to DHCP that allows me to do this,
however clients appear to ignore this and continue to use
a default size



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I have a c# application hitting an asp.net web service. .net 2.0

I have been told by a customer of mine that it is necessary that I reduce
the MTU size of all my outbound client web requests to 1470. I've done a bit
of searching on the topic, and it is apparent to me that this can only be set
at the client machine level through a registry modification, not through my
application itself. Is this correct? Is there a way that my c# code, through
digging into the webservice proxy class to get to the Syste.Net.Socket
object, can chance this?

Thanks for any help,

Glenn Thimmes

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