"Limit Profile Size" -Can I go beyond 260 characters in "Directory exclusions"?

"Limit Profile Size" -Can I go beyond 260 characters in "Directory exclusions"?

Post by Per T » Fri, 28 Nov 2003 20:47:27


Is it possible to use abbreviations in any form, when I add directorys for
in 'Exclude directories in roaming profiles?' I'm thinking
%appdata%, %userprofile%
Applic~1 instead of Applications

Or would it be possible to make an 'include list' instead? Only other way I
can see, would be to
start renaming some of the folders into something shorter -I really *really*
don't wanna go there...

Any tips would be greatly appreciated.

Per TT

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Is there a bug in Microsoft Excel 2003 (11.8302.8221) that prevents a row
from going beyond 260??? I can manually change the row height but when I have
like bolded, underlined text, I don't think the formatting has anything to do
with it, the cell doesn't grow any more and even if I manually change the row
height, it is creating space at the top of the cell rather than the bottom of
the cell. So some of my underlined, bolded text at the bottom is not readable.

Boy I hope i am being clear. This bugs me and I am wondering if it is indeed
a bug. My cell is set-up to wrap text, but it does have some hard coded
<Alt><Enter> breaks in there as well.

I appreciate anyone's review and response and Thanks in advance.


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