Userenv Error with SP4 GP

Userenv Error with SP4 GP

Post by Cort » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 00:12:08

We have a Domain with Win2k Servers and workstations. I
have created a GP to deploy SP4 to all my PC's. My Pc's
are a mixture of Dell and Compaq machines. About half of
my machines received the GP without any problems. The
other half have an error in their application log that

Source: Userenv
Event ID: 1000
Description: Windows cannot query for the list of Group
Policy objects . A message that describes the reason for
this was previously logged by this policy engine.

I set up the SP4 share with everyone access, so that
should not be an issue. It looks like this is an issue on
those individual machines.
Please help. Thanks.

Userenv Error with SP4 GP

Post by Sabin Nair » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 12:09:06

Hi Cort,

Since installation worked on some of the clients and that the SP4 share has
"everyone" FC, i would rule out permissions being an issue. But, please look
into the following:

- Are all the clients in the same OU to which the policy was applied ?
- Are there multiple DCs in your environment?
- -> If yes, have all the DCs replicated the policy to deploy SP4? (On a
problem client, type in"Set L" from cmd prompt, to find the authenticating
- - Do all the DCs have the DFS service "started" and "automatic"?
- Are all the clients pointing to the same DNS server? (do any other
policies apply?)
Sabin Nair M.S(Computer Engg.), MCSE, MCSA
Directory Services Team
Microsoft Corp.

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Userenv Error with SP4 GP

Post by Cort » Fri, 05 Sep 2003 03:50:05

All the clients are in the same OU where the policy is
being applied.
We have 3 DC's in our domain. But I checked and the PC's
that aren't getting the policy are authenticating with all
the DC's, and not one specific one that might not have the
All the DC's have the DFS service started and set to
All the clients are on DHCP and are getting the same DNS
info. The clients are all in the same subnet too.

the SP4 share has
issue. But, please look
was applied ?
deploy SP4? (On a
the authenticating
and "automatic"?
(do any other