trying to apply patch to office admin point...does my script look ok?

trying to apply patch to office admin point...does my script look ok?

Post by signi » Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:08:22

Does this look correct to anyone ... Ive been trying for an hour to patch m
y admin install point is there something wrong here?

Z:\>msiexec /p c:\OUTLOOKff.msp /a E:\OfficeInstallPoint\pro.msi
SHORTFILENAMES=TRUE /qb /L*v c:\jason.txt

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2. Office 2000: Admin OK, User gets "Error Applying Transform"


I have a Windows 2000 SP4 machine. It was upgraded from Windows 98SE.
For years, I have run MS Office 2000 without any problems from my user
account, call it User1. Now, I have problems, getting "Error Applying
Transform", not from Administrator account, but from a User account,
call it User2.

When upgrading from W98SE to W2K, my User1 account became a W2K
administrator. I recently logged onto built-in Admin account and
deleted User1. I also went into Documents and Settings and deleted all
files in the User1 folder. I created a Power User, User2. From Admin
account, I found I could NOT run Office 2000. I forget the error
statement. I tried uninstalling and got Error Applying Transform
message. I installed Windows Cleaner (or a similar name), downloaded
from MIcrosoft, and removed Office 2000. Then, I reinstalled
successfully from the Admin account. From that account, I can run
Office. BUT, when I try to run Office from User2 account, the Office
installation window comes up, then I am asked to insert the Office CD,
which I do, then the Error Applying Transform message appears. So, no
sucess running Office from User2. Going back to Admin account, I can
still run Office.

Please assist. How can I get Office running smoothly for all user


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