roaming and local profiles

roaming and local profiles

Post by U3VkZXJNYW » Sun, 26 Sep 2004 00:13:02

Hello !

I have several users logging into TS W2k.
They're using roaming profiles also there is GPO which includes folder

I have some problems with synchronization of roaming and local profiles
for example:
user is logging into TS then creates shortcut on the desktop which is
redirected so resides not locally on TS but on network drive, then user
logoff and logon again,
shortcut is copied from network drive to local drive on TS.
At that time user delete this shortcut and log off. shortcut is copied from
local profile into roaming profile so it still exist when user logon next
time, although
it was deleted by the user.

Is it possible to alter this beahaviour through GPO, I mean to make that
local profile settings doesn't override roaming profile ?

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Hello, Looking for some suggestions.

Is there a way for me to turn this merge off?

Its causing me lots of problems. When i fix a network profile and then the
user logs into a computer that they have logged into before, it will merge
the "corrupt" local copy of the profile with the new "fixed" roaming network

I've recently set the delete local cached copy of roaming profiles in gpo
and this works great with new accounts. But not so good with established

I have a feeling that there isn't a setting because i've searched all over.
Any ideas?

Thanks a bunch.

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