GPO not doesn't apply to everyone

GPO not doesn't apply to everyone

Post by Chris Cowa » Mon, 26 Jul 2004 10:28:02

I have a problem here that maybe someone knows the fix.I have a WIndows 2000
Domain with a mix of 2000 Pro and XP clients. I am trying to using the GP to
redirect the Mydocs folder. I have created the OU's and applied a GPO to it
and set the redirection. The GPO works great for me no matter who's PC I'm
on. Now with some users it's there and others it's not. I'm stumped on this.
The users are in the same OU as me. Any suggestions

GPO not doesn't apply to everyone

Post by Oli Restor » Mon, 26 Jul 2004 18:09:17

Do the users have permissions to the home directory, and what are you
redirecting to? Commonly, the redirection will be to
\\server\users\%username%. Are you using simple of advanced folder

If you look in the application event log on the machine after a failure,
you'll find some entries from UserEnv that tell you what's happened.

Failing that, you can get an indredibly detailed log by turning on UserEnv

TechNet Support WebCast: Troubleshooting Group Policy and profile issues in
a domain environment by using Userenv logging ;en-us;835302

And here's a related KB article

How to enable user environment debug logging in retail builds of Windows ;EN-US;221833

Hope this helps



GPO not doesn't apply to everyone

Post by Chri » Fri, 30 Jul 2004 02:05:30

Well, I have finally figured out the issue.

It deals with exclsive rights to their folders.

I have previously created folders that they map to using KIXTART. They had
all rights but not Full Control.

After assigning them and reapplying the rights. they would work.

It does help to view the event viewer on the PCs. At least I knew my GPO was
trying to be applied but something was else was wrong. I thought maybe the
GPO was not working on the users.



GPO not doesn't apply to everyone

Post by Oli Restor » Mon, 02 Aug 2004 06:35:53

That's weird. I don't give my users full control to their home directories
(doing that allows them to change permissions themselves) and folder
redirection works fine for me.