Multiple.tmp.tmp.tmp files in Roaming Profile

Multiple.tmp.tmp.tmp files in Roaming Profile

Post by Pete » Tue, 05 Aug 2003 20:49:42

We are in a mixed mode NT/W2K environment, and some of our
users are getting multiple ntconfig.pol.tmp,
ntconfig.pol.tmp.tmp, ntconfig.pol.tmp.tmp.tmp (and so on)
files in their profiles. These make the profile unloadable
eventually requiring the profile to be renamed/deleted and
start again. There is always 1 .tmp.tmp.tmp file (usually
with about 25 .tmp extensions on it)that cannot be
deleted. I believe this is due to W2K profile users
logging onto NT PCs, and wonder if there is any fix for

Thanks everyone!

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I noticed that most of time while opening file bigger than 300MB vi
throws error that "tmp file too large.".
Is there any way to remove this error apart from increasing size of /
tmp directory.
I mean can't I specify to vi that use other directory for creating /
tmp file.

One more thing I noticed that I dont have write permission to /tmp
directory. So when I fire vi command or crontab -e how it creates
tmperoary file in /tmp ?

Thanks in advance

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