Cannot change user login password on Windows XP.

Cannot change user login password on Windows XP.

Post by Suni » Wed, 10 Sep 2003 19:37:17


We have a network of Windows 2000 Active Directory
Servers, and clients with Windows 2000 Professional and
Windows XP Professional.

We have set the policy for changing the password every 42
days. When any user tries to change password by logging
onto a Windows XP system. It gives an error message " You
do not have permission to change password" , whereas the
same user if he tries to login to a Windows 2000
professional system and try changing his password during
logon. He can actually change the password.

Also, in Windows XP, the user can change the password,
once he logs on to the machine by pressing CTRL + ALT +
DEL and Change Password.

Could anyone please suggest as what would be this problem
and how to go abt solving this.


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This morning I started up my PC (windows XP Home with all patches,
including the patches that came out yesterday) and I was greeted with
the Login screen. The Login window does not normally appear. The
problem is this: no icons appear so I can't access my machine.

Note: I was playing with Windows UI Tweak power tool yesterday that MS
provides...I wonder if I changed the wrong option.

Thinking that accessing the machine via Safe Mode would avoid the login
screen, I tried to go into Windows safe mode, but I am having problems
with that approach. Not sure if this would get me around the windows
login screen...

Anyway, I can get the windows screen to appear where you can select
either safe mode, or the normal windows start. The highlighted option
is the normal windows start mode. The arrows on my keyboard are not
giving me the ability to switch the machine loads normal
windows and the login window appears.

I tried the keyboard on another machine and it works fine. The same
keyboard arrowkeys work fine in the bios window...

Thanks for your help!

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