New User A/c - HELP !

New User A/c - HELP !

Post by Shau » Thu, 30 Oct 2003 00:41:19

Can anyone PLEASE HELP ?

I have a W2k Server with Active Dir.

The users home folders are sorted into
folders by academic year 1994$,1995$...2001$
I can sucessfully create a user into
any of these folders. Exisiting users or New Users
whos home folders are in the 1994$ - 2001$ folders
work perfectly.

When I create a user and path his home folder
to the new 2003$ folder it will not create the Appliction
information folder. So when the user logs on he
sucessfully gets pathed to his U:\ no problem, but when
you go to My Documents on the desktop it goes to the local
c:\....My Documents. I can rectify this if I put the
homefolder into 1994$ then the Appliction Folder is
created and the my documents is correctly pathed to

Is it the HOME FOLDER's Properties?
Is it the Group ?

Why does it not like the new 2003$ folder for
the homefolders. Also tried a different folder
name, but no good.

I have compared every permission between the 1994$
and the new 2003$ and CANNOT see whats wrong.

If any one has any ideas please reply or