standby disables nic

standby disables nic

Post by John » Sun, 04 Jan 2004 07:08:42

My computer hung when in stand by mode and the nic will
not work now. I had this problem once before and found
some settings to get it back up when coming out of stand
by. I can not find it now. this is a intergrated nic and
disabling not not help and niether does reinstalling. The
card is just not powered up. Help Please

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I write a NDIS driver for a 802.11 PCMCIA card. It is a legacy device so
whenever system goes into standby or hibernate, the driver is unloaded.
On Windows XP SP2, after the system comes back from standby or
hibernate, WZC shows no wireless networks and the Wireless tap in
Network Connections property is gone. I can see the Authentication tap
instead. This doesn't happen all the time, it works normally most of the
time. I don't see any special OID failing or something.
OID_GEN_PHYSICAL_MEDIUM is not queryed after standby/hibernate, I guess
it is saved when the card first plugged in. What is the reason for this?
This only happens after standby/hibernate, sometimes.

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