com ports gone

com ports gone

Post by snapsho » Wed, 01 Oct 2003 06:21:56

The only thing I know that would make them disappear is if
someone has disabled them in the BIOS/Setup menu. How you
get to BIOS depends on the is usually tapping
the DEL or F1 keys during bootup. Look for the COM port
settings inside the Peripheral Devices menu.

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2. COM port goes to sleep and doesn't wake up

I've got an app that reads data from the COM port on a PocketPC 2003 device.
When the device goes to sleep (either by inactivity timeout or by pressing
the on/off button) and is then woken up by pressing the on/off button, the
COM port stays asleep and doesn't receive any more data.

The file handle remains open but all calls to Win32's ReadFile return zero

If I close the file handle and open another one to the COM port, everything
works again.

Is there some way to "kick" the COM port back into life after the device
goes into sleep mode?



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