UDMA HD working as P10

UDMA HD working as P10

Post by yitza » Thu, 09 Feb 2006 03:29:33


I have 2 identical Maxtor HDisks 5T030h3 - both 30GB. Win 2000 Matsonic
MS8147C motherboard. Both HDs are master and each HD has a DVD/CD
Writer as slave.

I noticed the secondary master was running p10. I checked inside and
found it had an old style 40 pin cable changed it to an 80 one.

In fact I know its all correct cos do NOT get "no 80 cable installed"
message on boot up since I changed cable.

All working fine - but when I look in Windows the secondary disk still
comes up as p10. I checked the BIOS its all auto for all disks. I
looked in the BIOS under Access Mode and the choices were CHS, LBA,
Large, Auto. Was expecting to see UDMA listed?

I'm not confident messing with BIOS - any ideas why this could be

UDMA HD working as P10

Post by yitza » Fri, 10 Feb 2006 20:05:35


In Device manager - I uninstalled the secondary IDE channel. Reboot and
Windows detects new hardware. Then asks to reboot again. When finished
Drive is now correctly working at UDMA (noticebaly faster)

I found it another post.