Mouse and Keyboard stop working after login

Mouse and Keyboard stop working after login

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A computer with standard PS/2 Mouse and Keyboard work fine
at a DOS boot screen. But when Windows (2000, this case)
is started (fresh boot) the keyboard will work for a
couple minutes then stop responding; mouse never
responds. Computer is still running just fine otherwise.
Swapping mouse and keyboard with known good units does not
help. Using a Remote Administrator program will allow
for full control of both mouse and keyboard. Virus
scanner and Spyware scanners turn up nothing wrong.
Disabling everything in the RUN key of the registry does
not cause problem to be cleared. Disabling Services for
items like the virus scanner and other START ON BOOT items
do not fix the problem.

Checking the hardware list in DEVICE MANAGER reveals that
the "SMS Virtual Mouse" is installed but not working.
Disabling this device causes physical mouse to be auto
detected. Rebooting the computer with SMS VIRTUAL MOUSE
diabled brings normal operation back to the computer.

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My host is a ThinkPad T60, 1.83 Ghz, Centrino Duo, 2 Gb RAM, Windows XP SP2.
My guest is Windows 2003 Server R2.

I am also running VPC 2007 off of an eSATA PCIMCIA card accessing a 80Gb
external disk.

My whole laptop occassionally freezes up (both host and guest) with virtual
pc running. The way to unfreeze is to unplug my eSATA card.

- My Virtual PC image was created on a different laptop with a different
processor (not centrino) which I have heard could be an issue.
- I have already tried two different eSata cards because I thought the first
might be defective and I am experiencing the same behavior.
- My newest theory is that it freezes when the running Virtual PC has
processor down time.
- It runs fine if the VPC image is on the host, but it runs 10x faster in
the current setup so I would like to get the current setup working.
- It also runs fine with the current setup on a Sony laptop which is not

Any ideas on how to how to stop the freezing would be appreciated.


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