Media Programs not working after Windows 2000 SP4 Update

Media Programs not working after Windows 2000 SP4 Update

Post by Joseph Con » Sun, 08 Feb 2004 05:41:23

Did you have antivirus running on the machine? If so there might have been
some issues with the service pack going in, does removing the pack allow the
other apps to work? Or did the WMP patch fix all of them?

Joseph Conway [MSFT]
Windows 2000/2003 Server group

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Video Editing, RealPlayer) that were running as expected. I recently ran
the SP4 and several critical updates to my Windows 2000 system. After the
installation, all of the above programs lock up the system when I try to run
them. I did update to Windows Media Player 9, and it appears to be working
fine. Any suggestions as to what may have gone wrong?

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