Same .avi, different results?

Same .avi, different results?

Post by Ray Mitche » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 03:26:02


I have two P4 Win2k systems, both with all the latest patches and upgrades,
and I use Windows Media Player 9. I have 4 separate .AVI files on a
secondary hard disk. When I play those files on one machine they all play
fine. When I move the disk to the other machine, however, only two of them
play correctly. The other two don't display a picture at all and play
popular music totally unrelated to the .AVIs, although the media player
indicates it is playing the correct .AVI. I have successfully run chkdsk on
the disk. Is it time to call in an exorcist?

Ray Mitchell

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2. Different Synthesis Results on Different Levels of Hierarchy (different amount of occupying slices)


I have some design with regular structure (i.e. resembling 2D array),
synthesizing in ISE 6.3 (for Spartan 3).And I experiencing following

Assume the there is simple 3-level hierarchy

The synthesis results for Unit "C" gives me implementation in X slices;
in B - X+1. OK I assume that due to complex routing it is a predictable
(yet hesitating). But when I try to place and route unit A - it gives me
X+2 slices,
which conflicts with my area constraints. The problem is that "A" is
simply an implementation
of B (for debugging purposes). So I guess there are some differences in
synthesis process.
The constraints files, as well as Synth., Map, and PAR options are the

So probably I am missing something.
Maybe someone can give some tips how to resolve this really annoying


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