slow windows 2000 machine

slow windows 2000 machine

Post by Randy Mill » Sat, 13 Sep 2003 03:05:25

after installing windows 2000 upgrades from microsoft, I
have been experiencing slow computers.2 of them to be
exact. It's not for lack of ram.

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I have a Windows 2000 machine and a Windows 98 machine that I am
trying to connect together. The Windows 98 machine can see the Windows
2000 machine but when I try to go into the 2000 machine it asks for a
password with no username. I typed the administrator password wich is
the only one for the 2000 machine it says password is incorrect. Does
anybody know what password the 98 machine is asking for or how I can
put in a username to got with the password. Also, even thought the 98
machine can see the 2000 machine, the 2000 machine can't see the 98
machine. I removed the firewall from the 98 machine but still can't
ping it. Does anybody know what else I can try to get the 2000 machine
to see the 98 machine.

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