Very low audio from speakers

Very low audio from speakers

Post by gerr » Fri, 19 Dec 2003 23:15:42

I recently upgraded my Compaq 5000 computer from Windows
98 to Wondows 2000 professional. After doing so and
upgraded all my drivers, my audio is very low. Everything
seems to be OK. The computer tells me everything is
working fine. Can anyone help?

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I'm referring to the Ultra Low Power DSP's customized for hearing aids
and headsets, they are very small, very fast processors and use very
little power (0.05mW/MIPS) and run on 1.2 volts, quite impressive

here is one

CoolFlux in another one, but they only license the cores

I'm just becoming familar with these type of processors, although they
appear to have hardwired semi programmable filters (coprocessor), it
also seems to have a generic DSP,RAM, A/D, D/A etc, but not much
details on the site (no data sheets), is there something about these
units that doesn't allow them to be used for general purpose DSP
(assuming you can live with the A/D specs)? Or do they cost $200/each
and that partially explains why hearing aids are $3000? :)

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