Win2K Pro & WMPlayer9 yields kernal trap

Win2K Pro & WMPlayer9 yields kernal trap

Post by Charles Mc » Wed, 25 Feb 2004 08:14:31

Having a *** install of Win2K Pro - installing only the
essential video drivers (Matrox G550 w/ Windows certified
Feb 04 drop), newest Adaptec SCSI driver (latest version
available), CL SB Live! 5.1 sound card driver (all the
very latest versions available for drivers and
appications) - when accessing various website, I am met
with the BSOD kernal trap (haven't written down the
information from the dialog yet) and an indication that a
dump is being created.

I am not well educated in Windows trap reporting mechanism
but want to file a bug report, if possible. I pay for no
support but am willing to detail the information for MS if
they are interested.

I am here on my first venture and am hoping to see if
anyone else has or is experienced with this same problem.

Any directions will be appreciated.


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