CD DVD player not recognized

CD DVD player not recognized

Post by Rodrig » Sun, 21 Sep 2003 04:32:13

I have a Window 2000 desktop with a HD-DT-ST RW/DVD GCC-4320B
CD DVD player-writer. Yesterday after using a USB memory
stick the computer no longer recognizes the CD player. The
device manager shows it at location 0 (0) but with an error
19. Any help would be appreciated.


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My PC came with WIN me two years ago. Since I installed "clean" W2K prof.
I've had numerous problems especially with the two drives, CD RW and CD/DVD
player (Several weeks apart). The symptoms : the H/W is recognized and
configured without any
conflict, but when I insert a CD/DVD the LED blinks few times and nothing
happens. Clicking on the drive letter generates error "Please insert a CD in
the drive .... CANCEL"

I posted this prob before and on the recommendation I cleaned the laser
lense, which is a good thing to do anyway, but no change. Actually I bought
a new CD RW, install it and even burned one CD with it. Few days later it
does not recognize a CD inside !!!

The fact the new burner is one week old and it worked right after
installation makes it unlikely suspect since the other two drives exhibit
the same symptoms.

Things I tried with no success:

- Uninstalled devices & rebooted. New H/W found ...
- Re-installed manufacturer's motherboard/chipset drivers
- Re- flashed the BIOS

I wouldn't mind re-installing clean W2K or WIN me for that matter, except
the PC can't read the CD !!!
Must have at least one CD drive working, but how ?

Anything else I can try ?


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