cd-rom drives have disappeared

cd-rom drives have disappeared

Post by sandr » Wed, 17 Dec 2003 00:30:25

my cd-rom and cd-rw drives (D: and E:) have both
disappeared. when I boot up I have the following
Pri Master disk LBA, ATA ....
Pri Slave disk..NONE
Sec Master disk NONE
sec slave disk NONE

SEC MASTER DISK cdrom pro4
sec slave disk cd-RW, ATA 33

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2. One Unreadable CD-ROM on IBM Thinkpad 600E with built-in CD-ROM Drive


Well, I got a CD-ROM disk from an individual, who created ("burned") the
CD from her (workstation, I assume) computer from her business's
network. My current Warp 4, FP #15, DDK #2, Latest IDEDASD.EXE files
(OS2CDROM), updated CDFS.IFS, DANIS506, DANIATAPI.FLT etc., and can not
read the CD at all. And if the CD is in the IDE/ATAPI CD-ROM Drive as
OS/2 is booting, OS/2 is unable to boot-up.

I can read all other CDs that I have bought or received, including with
Long File Names (LFN).

My CONFIG.SYS file contains these pertinent lines:

" rem IBM1S506.ADD /A:0 /A:1 /!BM

This setup has worked okay for many months.

The bad news is that a 32-bit Windows user reports to me that the CD is
readable/usable on his PC.

My Software Choice subscription has run-off. Time to buy again to be
able to read this?

Is this some new ISO CD standard? A Microsoft proprietary standard? They
CD itself does state on its label that it is a CD-R , with 700MB of
space (according to the manufacturer). It is not a DVD-style CD, I'm



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