HELP! logging onto win2k domain over VPN dialup

HELP! logging onto win2k domain over VPN dialup

Post by Jay » Thu, 28 Aug 2003 07:05:16


When using windows 2000 to dial up to our corporate VPN, the logon scripts
(located on the server) dont run. I know this is because the workstation is
using cached credentials when the dial up connection is established. i can
ping the servers and use the net etc, but really need to get the logon
script running automatically aswell. the option to 'logon using dial up
connection' at initial logon is not a viable option in this case, nor is
running the logon script locally. I have read that using WMI events to
trigger the logon script is the only other way to achieve this but cannot
find any tutorials to do it. any more information or ideas would be greatly
appreciated. also, i can achieve the desired results in win98 by inserting a
registry entry which disables domain password caching, but this is not an
option in windows 2000 unfortunantly.

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I use a ZyWALL10 as a VPN SERVER. It is the gateway on my Remote LAN. From
my home I use SSH Sentienl to tunnel into the

My Remote Server is configured as a WINS SERVER & DNS SERVER.

My local network setting has as PRI DNS & WINS SERVER. I have

I can establish my VPN tunnel & ping & access all resources like I could on
a normal workgroup successfully.

But I would like to login onto the domain, so that the AD can control the
user rights & resource allocations.

The problem is that, I am unable to establish a VPN tunnel during the time
when the Windows Logon window appears (during startup),
therefore I get the obvious error message "Domain unavaliable".

How do I establsh a VPN TUNNEL before windows logon window appears ? Or
establish it on the background while the windows logon window is showing ??

Please advise. Unless there is a totally new solution to this ?

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