DHCPCMD setsubnetoptionvalue and multiple values

DHCPCMD setsubnetoptionvalue and multiple values

Post by Christophe » Sun, 13 Jul 2003 05:14:16

Is it possible to use the setsubnetoptionvalue command of
DHCPCMD to assign an array of values to an option which
allows it in the DHCP database, such as DNS Servers (option
6)? It's simple enough if you only want to set a single value:

dhcpcmd setsubnetoptionvalue 6

But what if you also had DNS running on and
.248, and wanted to apply that to several scopes? I've
tried using commas, semicolons, hexadecimal, and STRING
instead of IPADDRESS as the option type, to no avail. I
can always go and make these settings manually to all my
scopes, inasmuch as the GUI DHCP admin tool allows you to
set an array of values for this option, but it'd be nice to
be able to to it in batch.

Any ideas?

Christopher Hoover
Communications Network Analyst
University of South Dakota

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(>=[Forms]![Switchboard]![MIN SQ FT FIELD] OR
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