Post by Smow » Sun, 06 Mar 2005 12:37:26

I've recently discovered a new product from www.IP3Networks.com that seems
to do everything needed for a hotel to get their guests on the internet.

It allows for a guest to come to the hotel with their laptop (which has a
statically assigned IP address & DNS) and plug it right in, and without
even setting it to obtain an IP address from DHCP, be able to use the
internet. It also intercepts their SMTP settings, and redirects it to the
correct SMTP server.

I had a long conversation on the phone with a salesman today (who seemed to
know a good bit about networking) and it seemed almost too good to be true.
It's almost a whole new class of devices, (not quite a router, or a switch,
etc...) that are called something to the tune of "Business Gateways."

I've only found this one product that would suit my needs...

any suggestions