LAN - access to remote computer

LAN - access to remote computer

Post by Les Boobi » Fri, 19 Sep 2003 07:31:10

Although I can see both remote computers on a LAN and the
shared hard drives, on one of them, trying to explore the
hard drive results in the error message "Drive is not
available; not enough server memory is available to
process this command".

I was previously able to access the drive and cannot
restore access. Any suggestions as to how I might
overcome this problem?

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Currently I am accessing my desktop computer's installation of Outlook
through Remote Desktop, from my laptop. I can do this while on the same LAN
or remotely, through the internet.

This however is not really ideal, as I run my desktop at QXGA resolution and
my laptop has only a XGA screen. This means that when I get back home, all
the windows on my desktop are all messed up and really small.

What I would really like to do is be able to access remotely, in either one
of the ways you can do using Exchange Server.

I have a separate server machine (running Windows Server 2003 Standard) that
is on 24hrs, and ideally like to have the mailstore on that, somehow.

Is there any way to do this without Exchange Server. Is there third party
software for a very small business?



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