unable to connect to my home network

unable to connect to my home network

Post by Rick Porte » Sun, 28 Sep 2003 19:29:20

I am having extreme amounts of hassles trying to get my
house computer to connect to the internet, when trying to
run both my house and garage comps on a home network. I
have one comp. in the house that is running windows 2000
pro and one in my garage running win xp pro. my
connections are phone line to ADSLmodem then to a
ethernet hub, then going to the two computers,using cat
5e cables, when i try hooking both to the network my
house unit reads cable unplugged, but my garage unit
connects fine. But the house unit works great going
directly from the modem to the computer using a cat 5
cable.When I first connected the two computers they both
worked for about a day and a half then one of my room
mates pressed some wrong buttons trying to repair a oops,
since then its one or the other and thats getting very
costly. Ive tried everything i know and called many
without any resolve. If any one can help me or knows
someone or some where I can find some answers I would be
most greatfull! TJHANK YOU FOR YOUR TIME>

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I have tried to post this to the Fedora message lists but failed

Configuration in use. Ethernet card connected via UTP to
ADSL router / modem. FC2 picks up its IP address by
DHCP from ADSL router successfully. ifconfig shows
"good" IP address for Linux FC2 (i.e. in the range
that DHCP will assign to clients). I can ping the
ADSL router ( private address) and I can
ping successfully some public address which seem to
resolve such as www.bbc.co.uk or www.ic.ac.uk. I have
flushed all the iptable rules to stop firewall
settings being a problem. Default gateway is set to
the ADSL router address ( All the
previous seems correct and expected as far as I know.

Problem: When I enter any "name" in the Netscape
address line (say, www.microsoft.com) the status line
of the browser shows "Connecting" continuously, but
never connects. I can connect to my router Web admin
screens on by typing this address
explicitly in the Netscape address line - but I can't
contact any other Web server through Netscape.

Any ideas on another configuration check / change
to get Netscape connecting to the world?

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