Win2K cannot resolve names to ip address

Win2K cannot resolve names to ip address

Post by Brian Mess » Thu, 20 May 2004 06:25:26

I have a windows 2000 pro w/ sp4 that is unable to resolve
names. It will not resolve names either on the Internet
or on the local area network. I can ping local addresses
on the network and can ping IP address on the Internet but
neither by name. I have checked the host and lmhost files
to ensure that no entries are in there execpt the
loopback. I have ran a virus scan on the PC and Ad-Aware
with a custom scan and the most recent reference file and
removed all spyware. There were no virus's found on the
disk. I also ran a repair on the OS and reapplied service
pack 4. I have also removed the NIC drivers and
reinstalled with the newest drivers. I have also removed
TCP/IP and readded. I also killed off any un-needed
services with no luck. I am trying to avoid a reload
since I have seen this problem in the past and execpt that
I will see it in the future. We have never been able to
correct the problem without a reload of the OS. It would
be nice to correct this issue in a timely fashion for our
customers when this particular issue arises.

Any additional input would be appreciated.



Win2K cannot resolve names to ip address

Post by anonymou » Thu, 20 May 2004 07:00:45

Tell me about your network
Do u have WINS AND DNS in network
What is your WINS AND DNS setting in TCP/Ip properties



Win2K cannot resolve names to ip address

Post by Brian Mess » Thu, 20 May 2004 14:31:53

The network is a single site LAN and we are running DNS
on both of our 2003 DC's. DNS on the DC's are working
properly since all other workstations are not
experiencing any problems. DNS is configured with
forwarders to public DNS servers. The IP settings on the
PC's are set to DHCP. The PC is getting an address
assigned to it and all properties in IPConfig /ALL are
correct and within the scope. I have tried a static
entry on the PC with no luck.

The static entries are as follows...
Primary DNS: (DC1)
Secondary DNS: (DC2)

Win2K cannot resolve names to ip address

Post by Jetr » Fri, 21 May 2004 03:34:59

Might be Winsocks corrupted. Just curious what nslookup output is and
whether you can connect using hosts file. Export and delete winsock and
winsock2 keys, reboot, and reinstall TCP/IP.