automating a script to add win2k cleint to a domain

automating a script to add win2k cleint to a domain

Post by Richar » Sat, 19 Jul 2003 23:37:31

I am trying to find a script that is automated to run on
w2k clients to add them to a domian...HELP.

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Please help

I have two admin user account set up on win xp home,
Today I have been looking through my user accounts
section in the control panel and have notice that another
user has been added. The user name is "ASP.Net Machine
A's Machine" the account is limited.

When I try to switch users I cannot see the user, I also
cannot see this information when looking through the
Document and setting area for profiles etc.

I am very concern that this could be from a hacker or
outside user that has gain access to my computer even
though I have Norton Firewall.

I also do not want to delete the account as I feel that
it could be something to do with some software I have
installed ???????

Please Help

Cheers in advance


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