DHCP servicing seperate physical LANs?

DHCP servicing seperate physical LANs?

Post by marcre » Sat, 16 Aug 2003 05:03:30

Hi Carlton,

You will need to configure router to act as a bootp or DHCP relay. Here's
an article that explains how to set it up:

257579 PXE Clients Do Not Receive an IP Address from a DHCP Server Across a

Marc Reynolds
Microsoft Technical Support

DHCP servicing seperate physical LANs?

Post by a-lbras » Sun, 17 Aug 2003 02:25:17

Hello Carlton,

You will need to specify the router IP for the local side of the subnet. If
you are providing IP addresses for that subnet via DHCP you will specify an
IP address that the users on that subnet will use. Example:

DHCP<-----><-------->subnet with clients.

You will specify the address within the scope options for those
clients on that subnet.

You will not need to add superscopes. Superscopes are for clients on the
same wire. Placing a router into the eqaution negates this need. The
router, as it forwards DHCP requests, will append its address into the DHCP
giaddr field. When it receives the DHCPDISCOVER message, the DHCP server
sends a DHCPOFFER directly to the relay agent identified in the GIADDR
field, and
the agent relays the message to the DHCP client.

A regular scope should accomplish your goals.

Shane Brasher
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