Are windows clients affected by print server move?

Are windows clients affected by print server move?

Post by gipermor » Sat, 24 Apr 2004 21:40:30

I presently have 50 printers configures on a Windows 2000 server. I
have Windows XP 9x and 2000 clients on the network that are connected
to these printers. I plan to migrate all of the printers to a Windows
2003 print server with the same name and ip address but as Vmware
virtual server (this is why I am not using the upgrade route). My
question is the following...Will my clients with printers connected to
the Windows 2000 server be affected by the move or will I manually
have to reconfigure the printers on alll the clients?

Thanks for advice.


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Hello All,
I have set up a linux print server at my home using CUPS on a
Fedora 4 box. It prints fine from the linux server and any linux client
in home network. When I try to print from my laptop (windows xp),
Printer test page prints fine, but when I try to print a multi page
doc, only the first page prints. In the laptop, I have added the
printer using ipp protocol: network printer ->
http://[linux_print_server]:631/printers/[shared_print_queue] ->
Generic driver -> MS Imagesetter.
In the printer advanced option, i tried every option in the spooling
section, no success. If you guys have any ideas, Please let me know.
Thank in advance.

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