Lexmark 2390 forms printer

Lexmark 2390 forms printer

Post by j » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 21:29:53

I have computers using Win2000 Pro and they use the
Lexmarks to print labels. They are on a continuous form.
When I was using 98 the labels printed fine. Now that they
are upgraded to 2000, the labels print one correctly and
then the spacing is off for the rest. I have no idea how
to fix this. I have checked all my resources. Lexmark says
it should work in 2000. I was wondering if anyone else had
this problem? Is there a solution?

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Hello ZOOMER guys!

Now in 2007, I bough an ZOOMER vom GRID and it is really a nice and
very interisting GEOS 2.0 unit.

I have inserted a Sharp 10 MB Flashram PCMCIA card and made a mirrored
I copied EXPERT MODE, CLOCK, TETRIS, DRAW, GeoGraf and ROW4 on the
card (formatted under WinME) but only CLOCK will start and work. All
other programs get the GRID freezed!

What's the matter wit that GRID piece?

Manfred from Freiburg, Germany

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