Printing EMF Files

Printing EMF Files

Post by Jones, Har » Fri, 17 Oct 2003 22:54:40


My client has developed a small application with Delphi that will create an
enhanced metafile (EMF), display the metafile within the user interface, and
finally print the metafile to a networked printer. The application will
successfully print when sent from Windows '98, however, only a blank A4 page
when printed from Windows 2000 Professional.

Why is this happening?

Why would Windows 2000 interpret the EMF differently to Windows '98?

I have tried the following to no avail;

Changing printer settings, i.e. RAW and EMF - no difference.
Installed both the PCL and PS driver for the printer - no difference.
Printing to alternative printers, i.e. HP8550DN, HP2000, etc. - no

Can anyone else suggest an alternative solution to this problem.


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Visio 2003, SP1. Running on Windows XP, SP2.

We use Visio to draw pages and we save them to the EMF format. But the size
of the page is increased! If I open the saved EMF file in Visio again I see
this clearly. If I checked the size with other EMF viewers its the same.

I have done simplest, a rectangle on a empty A4 page. And this happens. The
increase in size is about 15%.

Do I have some setting wrong in Visio? Or is this a bugg in Visio 2003? I
have similar problems in for example the WMF format.

Best regards,

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