MCP Mag Review - Enterprise Class Remote Access VPN appliance

MCP Mag Review - Enterprise Class Remote Access VPN appliance

Post by altostige » Thu, 08 Apr 2004 01:26:06

Several of our customers are using this appliance and this product
rocks!! Don't waste your time and money on other products. The new
version of this appliance even provides remote Microsoft Outlook
access to Exchange 2003 by tunneling RPC traffic over HTTPS. Also the
appliance does acceleration of SSL traffic. It is at least 1/3 the
price of other comparable products on the market.

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My company is getting ready to move to a new office where they will
have a dedicated T1 for internet access. The company has 20 employess
at the moment and might grow larger with in the next 2 years. They
will need the ability to have a site-to-site and mobile VPN access. My
question is in regards to the router and firewall hardware. Should we
have a all in one appliance to serve as the Router/Firewall/VPN or
should we have them seperated. For example, a router to handle the T1
connection and a Firewall/VPN appliance. What would be best for
performance and security.

Any suggestions, pros & cons, and specific brands/models would be

Thanks in advance,


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