Exchange not registering new user correctly

Exchange not registering new user correctly

Post by Neil » Wed, 03 Dec 2003 23:35:37

I created a new user and gave her a mailbox. The mailbox
is receiving mail from within the office, but any attempt
to send to her address from outside our network bounces
back a delivery failure notification. Looking at my spam
filter logs (Xwall) it registers that the mail is coming
in but says the user doesn't exist. However, she appears
in AD, and her name pops up in the GAL along with eveyone

As far as I can tell there is nothing different about her
mailbox from anyone else here in the office. Everyone is
in the same storage group and the e-mail address I'm
using is the one listed in her Exchange properties under
ADU&C. We have a one-subnet network and one Exchange
server, pretty simple. I've verified that everyone else
can receive mail from outside the office with no

Anyone know what the problem might be here?

Exchange not registering new user correctly

Post by Lanwench [ » Thu, 04 Dec 2003 00:45:49

Replied in another group - if you need to post to multiple groups, it's best
to do so all at once in a single message (separate the NG names with commas)
so that everyone can follow the thread. Thanks :-)

Crossposting = posting once to several newsgroups within a single message.
This is not a Bad Thing (presuming the list of groups posted to is small,
and all the groups are truly relevant to your question)

Multiposting = posting separate, identical posts to several newsgroups. This
is a Bad Thing.