OST Problem

OST Problem

Post by Martin Smu » Wed, 21 Jan 2004 23:23:38

I am having a synchronisation problem with both Outlook 2000 and
Outlook 2002. The server is W2K running Excahnge2K

Synchronisation is fine (and fast) UNTIL a machine connects from a
different IP address, for instance whilst traveling.

The OST on the PC/Portable will then require a complete
re-synchronisation with Exchange Server. as the OSTs are typically
between 300Mb and 1.5Gb, this is painfully slow on a Modem link.

Once the first synchronisation is complete, future ones are very
rapid - only looking for changes UNTIL the next change of connection,
when the process starts again.

Can anyone advise why this could be happening or how it can be solved.

Thank you,

Martin Smulian

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Anyone seen this when starting Outlook 2003

"The file D:\OutlookStore\outlook.ost is already in use
by the maximum number of applications. Close some of
these applications, and then try again."

I've got Outlook configured to deliver all mail to local
PST files and was not expecting to see any OST files at
all. Cab anyone suggest where I might start looking?


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