Outlook Closes Unexpectedly

Outlook Closes Unexpectedly

Post by TGluem » Tue, 24 Jan 2006 16:57:03

Hi Guys

After hours ploughing through every reference I can find, I thought I would
see if we could solve my problem here

After running WU on a SBS2000 server, all seemed well, until someone tried
to send an email. Outlook allows you to open a new email, type an email
address and the email. When you click the send button, or click the "To"
button to view the address book, everything freezes. Outlook then quits,
leaving no clues in the event logs, and with no error message. Outlook is
2002, and OWA works just fine displaying none of these issues. At least we
have a temp solution.

Interestingly, one client has Outlook 2003, and it is unaffected.

SBS Server is fully updated.
I have Service Packed Outlook 2003 to SP3

HELP !!!

Kindest regards


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Outlook Closes Unexpectedly

Post by Nick Gillo » Thu, 26 Jan 2006 06:34:53

If this only affects one person, delete their email profile, recreate and
test. Otherwise repatch your server to latest service packs and see if that
cures the problem.