Outlook Issue

Outlook Issue

Post by Dere » Thu, 18 Dec 2003 11:41:23

I have one user that keeps getting the following error in
Outlook 2002: "Unable to update Free/Busy data. Network
problems are preventing connection to the Microsoft
Exchange Server"

The user has no problems connecting to the exchange
server or sending/routing mail. I have updated Office XP
to the lastes Service Pack (SP) which this issue was
suppose to be fix in SP1.

Is there a setting or registry change to prevent of fix
this error??

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My company has both ex2k and ex2k3 servers up (we are in the process of
migrating all to ex2k3--but doing so gradually). The problem is the
free\busy info for the users on ex2k3 is not visible past Sept. 30 for the
users on ex2k. The Schedule Plus Free Busy has one replica.

Is this an issue because of the mixed environment or is there a quest
tool or something that needs to be tweeked?

Also...all users are set to publish 12months f/b and update the server every
15 mins.


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