Outlook XP Password Request

Outlook XP Password Request

Post by Gary » Thu, 04 Sep 2003 16:35:08


i have a problem with one workstation in a domain using
exchange 2000.

whenever the client logs on to the domain and tries to
open outlook xp it asks for a username,password and domain
when the user enter there info it still rejects it.

i have tried using this user account on another
workstation and it works perfectly.

i have also tried using logging on with another username
on the problematic workstation and it works ok.

Any ideas?


Outlook XP Password Request

Post by Steve Mess » Fri, 05 Sep 2003 10:50:24

I wish I could help, but I'm experiencing the same thing
with one of my workstations. I even deleted the user
account in AD and created a new one, same problem. Hope
someone has some ideas.


Outlook XP Password Request

Post by Scott Fell » Sun, 07 Sep 2003 03:35:37

There are two relevant things you should know on this issue. The first is
this article:

290684 OL2002: The Save Password Setting Is Not Saved When You Connect to a

Then: You can force the credentials that Outlook will use by prompting for
To prompt for credentials using Outlook 2002:

1. Click the Start bar, and click Control Panels.

2. Double-click Mail.

3. Click Show Profiles.

4. Select the appropriate Outlook profile, and then click Properties.

5. Click E-mail Accounts, and then click Next.

6. Select Microsoft Exchange Server, and then click Change.

7. Click More Settings.

8. Click the Advanced tab.

9. Under Logon network security select None, click OK, and then click

Next. The next time the Outlook client is started there will be a

prompt to enter credentials.

Scott Fellman