Public calendar displays incorrect data

Public calendar displays incorrect data

Post by sfellma » Tue, 06 Apr 2004 23:42:45

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| Hello,
| We have one central "company" calendar (Exchange 2000)
| which the entire company views, and one 2 Publishing
| editors creating/modifying said calendar. One client
| (Outlook 2000) has been displaying the data incorrectly
| for a few weeks. When an appointment is created, ie an all
| day sales meeting on April 2, it is displayed ON THIS
| CLIENT ONLY as 11:00 April 1 to 11:00 April 2. Also, it is
| displayed with clocks, and this is not the case on any
| other machine. Only NEW entries are displayed this way. I
| have compared the view settings to other machines without
| the problem, and ensured they match (field, etc..).
| Yesterday this happened to another client. How can I fix
| this??
| Thanks!
| Jason


Cases like yours are better handled by opening a support incident with us
- support details are at If you want to investigate
yourself before making that investment, I would look at the view - current
view menu for the affected user. Since the views for the folders are
published, and only a couple of folks are seeing problems, I would guess
that the view on the PF is OK, but again, this is an issue that may require
more that us posting back and forth.

Good Luck,

Scott Fellman