Reminder Error

Reminder Error

Post by Paul » Sat, 20 Sep 2003 22:25:09

First, I am not an IT pro at the company I work for.

They are slammed with infrastructure issues right now and
I am trying to solve my own problem.

The parameter values for my task reminders seem to have
been corrupted. Each time I start my Outlook client, the
reminder service pops up the reminder window with a
growing list of reminders that I cannot dismiss, mark as
completed or even open in Task view.

I receive the following error messages (no error message
Msg1 - Cannot turn off the reminder. You may be reminded
again. Could not complete the operation. One or more
parameter values are not valid.

Msg2 - There is an error dismissing reminder "reminder
name". Dismiss operation terminated.

I have already tried running the /cleanreminders switch
(KB281315) to no avail.

Background Information:
We recently experienced some major network issues due to
hardware failure and unrelated virus infestation. During
the hardware failure, we had to restore our Exchange DB.
The restore did not go well at first; however, we were
eventually able to restore the database to (almost)
normal. We had to restore a second time, using a new DB

At some point during all of this, my reminders became

Is it possible/likely that some necessary parameter for
reminders does not get backed up? Do we need to somehow go
into the Exchange DB and edit the reminders for my
account? I have no way of knowing what parameters are

More importantly (for me), how can I rectify this problem?

Thanks in advance,


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