Requesting Data - Anyone found a solution???

Requesting Data - Anyone found a solution???

Post by si_od » Wed, 18 Feb 2004 00:56:11

We are running a small network - offices in UK(cluster) and US with
around 45 mailboxes in total.

Requesting Data message box appears intemittedly on some clients. I
believe the cause may be related to the replication between offices
and the sharing of information in our public folders but I have not
solved the problem yet - anyone else had any luck?

Could someone else suffering from this annoyance please check the I/O
(% Disk Time)as ours is very high but I can't be sure that this is
related to the problem?

Many thanks,

Rgds, Simon.

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When I search for anything I just get the same message immediately:

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If it can't find C:\*.* it's well and truly fubar...

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