Sync Calendar Exchange <-> pst

Sync Calendar Exchange <-> pst

Post by Roge » Tue, 09 Sep 2003 11:37:24

I need help!

We have a Netscape Enterprise server for email (pop3), and
Exchange server with Conferencing for Collaboration. Since
these two do not talk to each other, my users end up with
two email accounts in their profile, one for the Netscape
server, and for the Exchange server. By right not a big

However, in Outlook, I end up with two Calendars, two
Inboxes, etc. One for my local PST file (which is used for
netscape mail delivery) and one for my Mailbox on
Exchange. Again, not really a big deal as far as mail is
concerned, since Outlook will download Exchange mail into
my PST inbox as well as part of the profile setup.

The problem is the calendar. I need to find a way to
consolidate the calendars into one single entity,
preferably on the Exchange server. Now it is extremely
confusing when working with two calendars. The Exchange
calendar is 'visible' to all Exchange users, whereas the
PST calendar is invisible.

Doe anyone have any idea how I can sync both calendars so
that either all entries are consolidated in the Exchange
Calendar, or that both calendars contain identical entries?

Please help!