Unable to open another user's contacts folder.

Unable to open another user's contacts folder.

Post by Dave » Wed, 14 Jan 2004 02:54:18

i.a.w. Milly Staples, who replied:
|you might want to post this in an Exchange news group as it is Exchange
|related, not client related.

Recently (within last week) upgraded to Active Directory
from NT4 Domains (running in mixed mode), and Installed
Exchange Server 2000, migrating all e-mail boxes to the
new server from Exchange 5.5.

Clients are a collection of Outlook 2000 and Outlook 2002.

Old Exchange Server is disconnected/shut down.

Prior to recent installation of Exchange Server 2000 and
migration of all e-mailboxes to the new server, we had
one specific user whose Calendar and Contacts folders
could be opened by all other users for reading, and to
one or two users with access to modify. After the
migration, users can open the Calendar folder, but not
the Contacts folder. We have tried removing and
replacing the folder access list.

In our investigation, we also found that we could not set-
up any other user's contact folder so that it could be
opened by all users, or even specific users. Again, we
found no problems with the Calendar folder.

Are there any new controls on the Contacts folder that
are different from the older version, such as per contact
access controls? Any other ideas why we can share
Calendars but not Contacts?